GDBI - Set Debug

What is this for?

Every program has bugs, so GDBI builds in messages that help debug the program. Printing these messages slows down the program, so they are normally disabled. When you report bugs, the GDBI developers often ask you to enable debugging to give more information about what was happening when the bug occurred. This page explains how to enable debugging.

How do you do it?

You must start GDBI from a Command Prompt so that you can see the messages.

When the PGV version of GDBI starts, it brings up the Open Database window which you must cancel.

When you get the BKEdit window, select Help - Set Debug.

Press Set all to enable debug in all areas. Select Verbose to get even more debug messages. Then close the window by pressing the X in the upper-right corner.

When the program fails, switch back to the Command Prompt window and copy/paste the last 20 lines to an email message.

To copy, start by selecting Edit - Mark.

Then you left-click and hold the button on the top-left of the window, and move to the bottom-right of the window. This reverses the forground/background of the text. You then select Edit - Copy, which saves the text, and allows you to paste it in your email message.

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